DeSigns by Mary Ellen with an Emphasis on 'Results'

Every detail, whether a big job or small one, we offer Home and Office Consultations for all of your DeSign needs.  Want to re-design a room, change color, a closet, or organize space, we can help you achieve that desired look.  Successful DeSign is the art of using marketing and DeSign techniques to create an environment that one can "aspire" to.  We use the art of "positioning" the decor to create several "emotional connection points", so when you step into the space you "feel good".  

OUR MISSION!  To provide exceptional and creative solutions to provide our client's tastes, with that "vision".  Our passion is DeSigning with our clients to help them achieve their goals.  You can count on us, that you will receive remarkable and customized services by our DeSign team.

Want to love the look of your home, your office, your space?

Our interior styling and redesign services connect you, your office, your gathering place.  It’s organized, it's beautiful, it's stress-free and the perfect reflection of you!  You won't believe what we can do in a few hours simply using what you already have and love!

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Get Top Dollar

Every statistic supports the fact that when you bring in a professional designer to create that will see huge return on your investment!  

Easy Checklist

Using 8 Design-Steps in each room of your home or space, we work with you to fill out a detailed Report during our Consultation.  We make your space stand-out!


Inspired spaces do so much to enhance your living, as well as attract others to your home. We will take the stress out of creating that "vision" for your home.  

Client Love

Art is an expression of our thoughts, emotions, instincts, and passions - for us, for me it is an extension of my personality.  I LOVE anything and everything art.  

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  • Statistics on the success of staging.
  • The 8-Step Process to stage each room.
  • Lots of photos of staged rooms as examples.